Based near Marcoule (France) OREKA SUD and it’s team of nuclear experts and software engineers offers the very first software able to simulate nuclear operations with a global approach (DEMplus for nuclear). DEMplus which was developed in partnership with the French CEA is an all-in-one software able to simulate all operations step by step taking into account:
- the dose
- waste management
- scheduling
- and costs
DEMplus is based on ALARA and a perfect decision helper for building complete and efficient decommissioning or maintenance scenarios thus improving the safety and the global performances.

DEMplus a unique nuclear operation simulation software

Ce que vous vendez

OREKA is composed of a team of nuclear experts mainly coming from AREVA and CEA. Our core activity is focussed on nuclear decommissioning. To help engineers and project managers to study their working scenarios we have designed a new generation software DEMplus. This tool simulates step by step and in a single software all the operations in nuclear zones.
DEMplus aim is to reduce the costs (during the study phases and realization), optimize the waste and helps diminishing the risks.

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Our company is looking for customers (nuclear operators and engineering companies).
Nuclear decommissioning is a growing market and we are also looking for partners and resellers who could help us promoting our solutions on the German market.

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