Located in Montpellier area, we accompany men and women, teams and managers through changes in their professional life. We provide training services to professionals in the fields of Human resources and project management.

Specialized in interculturality, we offer to help you succeed your commercial and professional relationships.

As part of a selected network, we can help you in the whole spectrum of HR issues.

Managing through cultural differences and complementarities

Ce que vous vendez

Consulting and training sessions and workshops about management, aimed at succeeding the human resources side of international development :
- intercultural management
- management in France, with French partners and employees, or in French-style context.

You will be more comfortable and efficient to make the most of your assets and those of your partners :
- get the keys of commercial partnerships,
- translate intercultural communication,
- manage and cooperate more efficiently.

We have both real-ground experience in management in France and abroad, and specialised technical knowledge.

Ce que vous recherchez

Professional partners wishing to develop their services in the humlan ressources and management sectors, and to offer intercultural management facilities  :
- consulting and training companies to their clients,
- professionnal federations to their members.

Mots clés

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