REC France is a company specialized in manufacturing paramedical equipment. It has been established in 1995 in the south of France. Since 2002, RECFRANCE is located in Bédarieux and attracts foreign investors.
Our mission is to develop, manufacture and commercialize a full range of stand-up wheelchair equipment, upper and lower limb prosthesis for disabled children and adults.
Quality is one of the enterprise’s core values.
The quality management as well as the quality of process are essential for us. Moreover, RECFRANCE has been referenced ISO 9001 and obtained the French Origin Label.
Flexibility is one of our main success factor : we are able to conceive and produce any innovations on demand. Each stage from the conception to the commercialization is internally controlled. Then, we can produce and distribute quickly.
Offering innovations is also one of our missions.
Indeed, the company is able to create multi components products, create and check entire frames as well as distribute its products worldwide.

French manufacturer seeking partnerships to develop innovative paramedical equipments

Ce que vous vendez

We develop 3 main product range for disabled children and adults. Our first range is made up of adjustable supports including seat/saddle supports and our latest innovation: a modular and evolutive seat. WOOPY aims to follow the evolution of children's morphology.
RECFRANCE focuses its strategy by developing modular products, in order to stay competitive into the international market.
Our second range includes small devices and comfort such as the air cushion preventing ulcers, we offer ankle stabilizers, cervical collars but also walking aids for older persons.
Then, our third range is made up of specific tools and material such as table transfert, our latest walking ramp in aluminium, milling and foams...

Ce que vous recherchez

The company wants to reinforce its position in Germany and in other countries in Europe. The goal is to create long term partnerships with foreign distributors and implement our export strategy to a larger scale in Eastern Europe for e.g. in Russia, Romania, Hungary.
To recap, RECFRANCE is looking for partnerships with medical centers and/or companies for developing innovative paramedical equipment in a long term vision.

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