5sur5 – SFR Business Team offers simple and performing solutions adapted to the business clients’ individual needs by providing a new vision of technological convergence in landline and mobile communication, multi service offers and cloud computing.
SFR Business Team is enjoying the trust of 165,000 small and medium-sized multinational companies who are enjoying our mobility, connectivity, collaboration and security services. Our differentiator and unique selling point is our Cloud Service Provider strategy which is built around the three focus pillars of internationality, very fast broadband and cloud. With the help of our Cloud Service Provider offer, our clients are enabled to face and cope with their individual industry challenges.
Here, at SFR Business Team, we define teaming up with our clients by being able to cooperate with them to achieve their highest goals of expansion in France and internationally. For is it means to answer their individual demands of convergence in landline, mobile communication, accessing data off site and synchronizing their devices. It means also to be the partner of trust in terms of our capability to protect information and ensure data maintenance.

SFR Business Team disposes of a commercial business network in close proximity with the help of 5sur5 Entreprises. Our experts are enhancing their offers by providing support and other complementary services. The client support is located in France and the sales representatives visit customers on-site to insure that our promise, to deliver the best customer experience, is met from first to last.

In the capacity of being the first real alternative provider and leader in France, we feel responsible for our customers, the society, and our employees. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction, certified with Qualicert and ISO 9001. This is our commitment and what we aim for.

Individual answer for telecommunication needs

Was wir anbieten

SFR Business Team and 5sur5 Entreprises are holistically engaging for the clients’ telecommunication needs. The teams are visiting customers to deliver the solutions answering their individual requirements.
At the moment, we offer solutions for the needs of:
• Mobile communication (e.g.: unlimited from and to European countries)
• Landline communication
• Personal and vehicle geolocation
• Machine-to-machine
• Broadband internet access: ADSL, SDSL, fiberglass and other connection lines shaped for the individual customer needs
• VPN (Secure connection between different locations)

Wonach wir suchen

We are looking for companies of every size which desire to team up and get support through a competent partner which offers holistic customer oriented service with his team for your expansion out or in France.


  • Other, pls. specify telecommunication, mobilephone, UMTS, LTE

Art der Zusammenarbeit

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