French mother tongue freelance chief secretary for many services in german and french about communication, marketing and writing (typing of audio files, proofreading of translations and of textes in french on Word, Exel and on PDF files, writing of textes in french and in german, voice over in french language).

German-french bilingual secretary for transcriptions, proofreading and communication

Ce que vous vendez

area of expertise: consultancy in communication (writing in french and german languages, transcription of records (interviews, meetings, conférences..., rewriting, proofreading of french textes and of translations german-french and English-french, correspondence. We work in all fields (marketing, literature, politic, forensic médicine, design, cranes, ecology, advertising...).

Homeworking is the work of the future for many bilingual secretaries (best quality of work, cheap for the companies which need the services of freelances, the prices of the freelance are per word, per characters, and also per worked hour).

With Internet there are not boundaries and it's easy to find and to work with mother tongue writers who can work in their country for companies in germany for example, and who can easy send invoice after their work.

Ce que vous recherchez

I'm looking for assignments with french or german companies for writing, transcribing, proofreading. I search for contact and for assignment for a long time because it's a great adventure to work together and to contribute to the success of a client company.

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  • Other, pls. specify communication, writing, typing, proofreading, translations, french, mother tongue, freelance, free-lance, secretary, consultancy, seminars, transcription, interviews, voice over, conferences,

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  • Other, please specify communication in french and german, freelance writing, proofreading, audiotyping, voice over, french mother tongue, fluent in german, english written and spoken


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