Jean Royer Consultant is based in Montpellier, his domain specializes in audit and support for transmission of a company (transfer, acquisition)

Services provided by Jean Royer Consultant:

-Audit and transfer preparation
-Society collaboration research
-Evaluation of cost of transfer
-Assessment of feasibility, negotiation
-Support for transmission or recovery

What we are searching for:

-Processes of transfer or acquisition of societies
Key words:

Researched Cooperation:

Research of companies (PME or Groups) that wish to outsource the fulfillment of their policy by repurchase or sale of societies


Ce que vous vendez

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Ce que vous recherchez

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Mots clés

  • Environment / ecology
  • Agribusiness / food sector
  • Health / biotechnologies
  • ICT
  • Tourism
  • Other, pls. specify All Keywords

Coopération recherchée

  • Investment project
  • Technical cooperation / technology transfer


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