The german-french Business Club in Francfort( 400 members) has the purpose to welcome the newcomers in the region and to help them to integrate and developing the french-german business network. It offers Conference and Event every month, and as representative association, assures a link with german and french authorities ( embassy, consulat, chamber of commerce ...)

Event manager & Relationschip with members

Ce que vous vendez

I 'm pleased to present the advantages on coming to Francfort and to help the building of relationships between the person who have interest on it.

The Club des Affaires de la Hesse has already 400 members. The partner you are looking for, may be there.

Ce que vous recherchez

We would be pleased to get you as new member !

I'm also looking for partner for events ( Especially in food sector but everything is possible, cosmetics, new technologies ... )

Mots clés

  • Environment / ecology
  • Agribusiness / food sector
  • Health / biotechnologies
  • ICT
  • Tourism
  • Other, pls. specify all sectors are welcome

Coopération recherchée

  • Other, please specify Event partner


Event Manager & Members relationship

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