Located in Frankfurt MHR is focused in the search of professionals and managers and in coaching by multicultural team integration processes.

Your Human Resources Consultant in the French German Area

Ce que vous vendez

Our good knowledge of the French and the German labor markets allows us to help effectively our customers to identify the talents which they need and to decode the profiles of the applicants to make sure of their adequacy with the responsibilities which their will be confided.

We also acquired a specific s in integration of multicultural teams. We offer coaching and in-house workshops allowing to understand better the incidence of the cultural differences in the professional relations and to prevent so possible misunderstandings which can succeed on dysfunctions.

Ce que vous recherchez

During this BtoB-Day we stand to the disposal of German and French companies which would like a first information about the labour market of the respective aim country to find the correct profiles about the view, as well as about the constraints and expenses of searches by advisements, social networks and direct Approach..

For consultants and institutionals:
We also look for contact with HR Consultants (training, recruitment, change management) or with international development Consultants to establisch a possible partnership to cooperate on common projects.

Mots clés

  • Environment / ecology
  • Agribusiness / food sector
  • Health / biotechnologies
  • ICT
  • Tourism
  • Other, pls. specify Automotive, Chemicals/Pahrma, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Transport & Logistics

Coopération recherchée

  • Technical cooperation / technology transfer
  • Other, please specify Clients and partnership with colleagues on both French and German Markets


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