Compart was created in 2004 in Alès (Close to Nîmes)

Compart research, produce and distribute firestop products for building industry under private label or own label.

After 10 years of success in France, with partnerships with marghe companies, Compart is ready to propose to the german market and european market the best of innovation in accordance with EU regulation.

Compart is looking after large brands and distributors of construction products in Germany and has an office based in Francfort.

Firestop products for building industry

Was wir anbieten

We offer o full product range of firestop innovative products for building industry, nuclear plants, industry.

Our main productions are Firestop intumescent foams, firestop silicone foams, firestop joints, firestop sealants,...

All our products are tested in accordance with EU standards in accorance to EN 1366 and yhe CE marking will be avaliable for our customers by the end of this year.

We provide our solutions under private label for suppliers of building industry and support them in marketing, technical and sales approachs.

All our products are patented, without halogenic products and fibers. Our products are designed to save money by attractive prices and are friendly to use.

Wonach wir suchen

WE are looking for a sales representative based in Francfort or Saarbrucken.

We are looking for well established brands of buiding furnitures for elctricians, plumbing companies, general construction, to help them to increase their business with high added value products, in accordance with the European firestop requirements.


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