GFC is a specialist in renewable energy project development and finance with a wide track record in EU and USA since 2008. GFC is open for any business innovation that enhances the lives of future generations. In the Langedoc-Roussillon area we are seeking for sites and development projects for wind energy. We would like to talk to innovative green projects and firms as well as with service providers and experts from real estate and corporate sector that can help with local development.

Green founders, entrepreneurs and developers welcome!

Was wir anbieten

GFC initiates, develops, optimizes green energy investment projects. We can provide project equity and development funds. Our aim is ro turn a nonworking innovative project or venture into a repeatable and scalable business model that is bankable.

We offer co-development and co-financing. GFC takes a market/ investors perspective from day one, focusses on project finance in order to establish new business lines in the green economy. Background is banking / development / wind energy. Strong focus on local acceptance and bankability.

Wonach wir suchen

- local renewable energy projects
- founders, green enthusiasts, project developers
- landowners that would like to learn more about wind energy
- established companies that want to set up renewable energy projects

all sectors, esp. agriculture, tourism, real estate, industry, services, manufacturing


  • Environment / ecology
  • Agribusiness / food sector
  • Other, pls. specify Green Energy / Efficiency

Art der Zusammenarbeit

  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Investment project
  • Other, please specify renewable project (co-) development


Managing Partner

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