Colliers International, an association of independent companies
established in 61 countries, is one of the world’s leading experts in Commercial Real Estate. It has 11,000 members of staff, deployed
in all six continents, who provide appropriate solutions tailor made to each of their customers.
Based on close cooperation between its offices, Colliers Internationaldoes most of its business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
In France, Colliers International is represented
by Colliers Keops.
In Montpellier by Colliers Immobis Entreprises


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Colliers Immobis Entreprises, member of Colliers International, is a commercial real estate in Languedoc Roussillon
We provide a quality service, adapted to the needs of our clients.
Our priority is to find the right property for our clients, under
all circumstances. Our teams of professionals establish a unique
relationship with each client, based on confidence, listening and an exchange of ideas.

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Whether it is a question of studying what is or may become available for business premises, making projections
of revenues from offices under construction or defining a sales strategyfor commercial areas, our teams are designed to optimise the profitability of operations. With a firm presence in
local and world markets, well-informed on trends and developments, they maintain a close relationship based
on confidence with their clients, keeping a constant objective in mind: gaining the maximum return on investment.

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