BIO-UV, an innovative industrial SME, leading French manufacturer of ultraviolet water treatment equipment and European leader in the private and public swimming pool & spa market, was created in May 2000. The BIO-UV GROUP designs, manufactures and markets systems and concepts of disinfection by ultraviolet light (UV-C) adapted to a large number of applications: pools and spas, aquaculture, potable water or waste water, legionelle prevention and ultra pure water in industries.
With a consolidated turnover of more than 8 million euros in 2013, BIO-UV markets its systems throughout the world. 60% of the group's sales are made in export markets. BIO-UV is ISO 9001 certified and many systems are NSF and ÖNORM certified and approved by the Ministry of Health. Every day, the design office and the engineers at BIO-UV respond to new requirements and are capable of manufacturing reactors to specific characteristics on request.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems

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BIO-UV offers ultraviolet water treatment solutions.
The directors' experience in the medical, water treatment and engineering equipment fields and the use of the best and most recent UV-C transmission technologies enables BIO-UV to supply the most effective and most innovative water treatment processes, meeting the requirements of its customers. The company has already installed more than 50 000 units throughout the world and has never stopped innovating to find solutions to new market uses: In 2011, BIO-UV designed the complete system of boat ballast water treatment BIO-SEA® which combines mechanical filtration and UV disinfection, without any chemical treatment whatsoever.

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BIO-UV Group designs, manufactures and markets ultraviolet disinfection destined to a large number of water treatment applications.
We are looking for professional partners such as distributors, importers, industries or municipal organism in view of a long term business relation.

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