The 24IP Law Group is active in the domain of intellectual property (patent, trademarks, designs, copyrights, etc.) especially in with a French/German focus. The group has offices in Paris, Munich, Berlin and the U.S.

24IP Law Group

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Protecting a company’s intellectual property (IP) has been an important task for management in any kind of company for many years. They demonstrate not only the creativeness and innovation within a company but also allow it to remain a leader in its field.

The shorter product and innovation cycles for research have lead in the past few years to new challenges for management, development, manufacture, sales and service thougout the world.

24IP Law Group offers advice on the entire range of intellectual property rights based on modern management strategies, to cope with those challenges. The quality of our work, its effectiveness and customer support are the principles which guide us

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future partners, seeking for advice/help in the field of intellectual property

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