Athéor® is an authentication and traceability specialist and has developed an innovative glass marking technology. Athéor brings a revolution in glass marking technology with an innovative solution : the Glass'in®.
A collaboration with the AM2N nanotechnology research lab has resulted in the development of a patented ink which is particularly well suited to glass packaging.
Athéor® was founded in 2010 in Montpellier and consists of an experienced and cross-competency team of highly regarded professionals.
Athéor® has the JEI status and has received multiple awards

The Glass'in ® a revolution for marking on glass.

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Specialist in hybrid organic-inorganic material for optical
The product Glass'in® is the solution for glass products permanent and individualised traceability.
Glass'in® allows product traceability from the conditioning stage, thus allowing the producer to manage its products’ life in a secure and individualised way. Marking the primary packaging ensures the integrity of the marking even in case of loss or destruction of the secondary packaging. Glass'in® is indelible and thus ensures permanent and decay-proof marking under any transportation or inventory conditions of the packaged product.
Glass’in represents a competitive alternative against conventional sticker or laser marking. Because it uses the same material as the glass container, these markings are permanent and they prevent all risks of contamination.

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